Thursday, March 02, 2006

They used their church bus for WHAT?!

Church Bus Seized Amid Drug, Sex Allegations
Residents Want Church Property Cleaned Up

POSTED: 6:14 pm EST March 1, 2006
UPDATED: 6:46 pm EST March 1, 2006

BOSTON -- Boston officials seized a bus on Wednesday that was parked on church property amid allegations that sex and drug parties were held inside the vehicle.
NewsCenter 5's Sean Kelly reported that the bus was parked on the property of the Faith Tabernacle Church. The mayor's office and a neighborhood response team said that despite the bus' previous use for good, what went on inside the bus had to stop.
"We went in and found out that they were using it for drugs and sex and all that activity. We are in the process of towing it and trying to get rid of the bus," Boston Inspectional Services spokesman Darryl Smith said. "We found some old needles and condoms and a lot of drug paraphernalia on the bus."
Residents said that people also dump trash on the church property. "Nobody is doing anything. (People) come and dump trash right on the church property. It makes the whole place look terrible," Dorchester resident Alexander Leon said.
Prayer Tower Church Pastor Antoine Montgomery Sr., whose church is across the street from the property, hopes officials clean up the area.
"We want to have a nice, clean community, where we can have a place for the children to come to a nice area. The area would be nice and not so much garbage and things in the neighborhood," Montgomery said.
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