Wednesday, January 31, 2007

3-2-2-Beautiful Stone Home w/ Jesus Apparitions just doesn't get any better than this...please read through entire is below as well

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The description is as follows:

I am selling my home in Beautiful San Antonio Texas. We were remodeling the kitchen to include stainless steel appliances but have not finished the island as of yet. We have had several interruptions since March of 2006 when we started the remodeling of the kitchen.
This is why I am selling this house:My husband, my son and I and a friend of ours started demoing the kitchen for remodeling in March 1st and 2nd. We did the remodel or starting of it Mar 3rd and 4th. On the 5th I slammed my hand in a door and couldn t do anymore remodeling (my nail fell off and it was very yucky) and Cris went back to work so we didn't finish the whole kitchen....just the area around the refrigerator got done. On Monday the March 6th I had to get blood work done again (which looking back at the calendar was Easter Orthodox Lent Began) I had fasted the night before and prayed to god to heal me and have my blood work turn out ok--because I had my last blood work to take to determine if I was going to have to ask the doctor for a liver biopsy or not.(the results usually take 2-4 weeks or so) Then later in March we were side tracked to Joe's retirement in Biloxi so we saved to do that instead. Family comes first. When we returned, and during this time with a bandaged finger, I tried to paint out the surrounding of the fridge. The color was a creamy beige. It didn't stick right because we used MDF wood and it was kilzed so hard to absorb the paint. Anyways I tried this water stain coloring technique on top of that, and I liked the outcome and I kept it. That was early spring by the time I could get my hand (right) to carry a paint brush).
Anyway then it happened: They appeared at Easter time. Ist was the 1/2 face on April 15th . Then the 2nd one the full head on Easter April 16th. I ran and got my husband and showed him and he saw the 1/2 face but really couldn't say about the head--so that very day I got some lacquer and painted it on thinking this is going to disappear if I don't lock it in somehow. I have told and showed it to some people in my family (mom and 2 sisters: Baby sister kind of saw it and eldest couldn't see it at all) but mostly I kept it to myself knowing that noone would believe it. It's funny how some people see it right away and some can't see it at all. We had tried to take pictures of them before but they didn't come out. I started to pray to the head of Jesus and asked for my cure. On May 2nd I had to go get my test results...I couldn't believe it... I am totally cured and have been since then. I was distracted from them because I still had to get the kitchen finished, so we had a garage sale--I had mentioned the apparitions to a customer and she came in to look and said it was a miracle. She noticed I had statues on top of my fridge of the Virgin Mary and Virgin de San Juan but no Jesus up there. She asked if I was a a Catholic. I said yes, then she said she was too at one time and had converted to Christian, and that maybe Jesus was trying to tell me to pray more to him instead of these idols. While we were looking at the fridge we found another one on the other side of the fridge--hence the 3rd picture/vision--she said it looks like when Jesus went to the rock to sit down and pray because you see his robe and arms and his knees are in a sitting position and leaning on something. Now I know this all sounds like bull, --the 1/2 faced ----on Dec 12th started crying--this was Virgen de Guadalupe Day-- my husband and I had just finished breakfast and noticed them, we tried to wake up my son and he just didn't want to come look--so again we tried to take pictures of it and this time we got them and we noticed too that he was crying--why I don't know but he is crying in this picture. The other two didn't change at all--Anyway Jesus cured me after I found these and I am profoundly grateful. But I really think he wants this shared with all of you. I called a very good friend of mine, she is very religious, and she explained all these dates were very important as far as Catholic religious days go.
Why am I selling the house you may ask? Even though I have tried to finish the kitchen (not to mention our bathrooms too) I don't want to be the one to have to paint them over when I sell it, which is what I was advised I would have to do to sell it and was doing in the first place to sell this house. I don't have the heart to finish it or to paint it. So if you want a house that has Jesus apparitions in it and want to finish the remodeling, then read on, this house is for you.
The home is located in a quiet mostly retired military neighborhood. It has recently opened a Elementary school with front door school bus service. This is attracting new families with children and are fixing up the neighborhood beautifully. It is a quiet little oasis in this beautiful city. This is a 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, 2 car garage single story with cathedral ceilings and beautiful hand made saltillo tile through out living areas. Beautiful arches in formal dining at entry that give you that South Texas flair or Tuscan farm house charm with a cabana gold paint wash on the walls that give it that rich feel. The the kitchen is painted in a barn red with antique green and beige cabinets, second eating area and living room also with cathedral ceilings have a rich mocha color that warms the rooms. Their is a stone fireplace in the living room that has been upgraded to gas logs. The back yard is very tropical with a 22 ft. round wading pool thats just 3 1/2 feet deep. We have a deck that we dress out for summer with wrought iron chairs, table and umbrella and in winter we transform it with a fire pit in the middle of the deck. The house has very beautiful beige stone work all four sides. The home has been well maintained but as is with older homes it does need some repairs. It has a new gas heater, gas water boiler, new GE Profile electric stove and dishwasher. The laundry room and pantry right off the kitchen has a dryer with a choice or electric or gas connection for the dryer. We have some laminate flooring to finish in both bedrooms that we will leave behind for completion of the two bedrooms. It really is just a time thing to finish the work. The sides of the stove need to be finished and I was going to use butcher block for the counter top replacement here. All the white cabinet doors need to be replaced to match the newly painted ones and then stained in the same waterstain technique to match. The counter tops also need to be replaced, I was going to do a flush to wall vertigo green granite and then do a glass green tile back splash around the prep food area and sink basin area. The double glass sliding door needs to be replaced with a double side light french door that will lead out to the florida room. The bathrooms need to be updated with new cabinets and fixtures.
1/28/2007 I am still keeping the exact address private, although some people have figured it out and asked to take a peak and say a prayer. Who am I to deny them. I too have a family member in the hospital and am praying daily for his recovery of liver cancer. All your prayers are welcome. God Bless you all.
TERMS: A $1000.00 non-refundable deposit is required to be paid immediately at end of sale. Buyer to pay all closing costs. Buyer is accepting home in "as is" condition. If reserve is met I will remove the listing. If the remainder of the balance is received with in the ten days then I will apply the $1000.00 to the balance. A longer reasonable period of time may be requested for legal preparation only. Non-payers will be reported to eBay and a complaint filed. Seller has the right to refuse the bid even if the reserve is met. Seller has the right to cancel the sale of the home at any time before or after auction is over without accepting any monies from any persons. All inquiries will be sent through eBay and all monies will be handle same.
Look, I don't know why he appeared to me, My mom says he is trying to tell me something. I am actually a little fearful of it. I think I'm very lucky to have had them help me and my family but I really think they need to be seen and I am just not that person to manage them. My husband actually wanted to redo the kitchen cabinet again (he built it by the way) and take this one with us and that would solve the whole matter. But it doesn't, it still doesn't get to be shared. So if I leave and whoever wants to let people in to see it and share it then its theres to do with what they want to.

God Bless and Good Luck

Spam mail on the rise i check my yahoo account and as usual there is a lot of Spam...I love the ones that I get, where they are asking if they can wire me money...this one is a little different. The Jesusness bothers me though...let me know what you think...It really bothers me that if things are so bad they are only trying to get 2 kids out...what about the other ones??


Be Loveth One,Calvary greetings to you in the name of JESUS CHRIST ourlord amen. You may not know me but through the divineintervention of our Almighty God, I got your contact fromour Chamber of Trade & Commerce/Industries.

I am MRS. ANGEL MACATHY and a believer from a BibleBelieving church here in Accra Ghana and I happen to Own &head an orphanage home called (LITTLE ANGEL ORPHANAGE HOME)We have a problem of caring/catering for these beautiful andlovely children between the Age(s) 1 to 12yrs old.

The government is not helping matters here and we havedecided to let the public to know if they are interested inadopting some of these kids so that you can cater for themlike your own kids/Children and help them to become usefulpeople in the society and we together shall make he world afree world of orphans who are suffering in our streets. Mostof these kids happened to be one of the casualties of theLiberian and Sierra Leone civil war and in that war they lost their parents andthrough the help of the United Nation secretary general Mr.Kofi Annan, they where brought to our orphanage home wherethey have been staying as refugees in our orphanage homes.

All we are asking from you is to accept to help these twokids as your own kids and give them love, peace and a homefor them to be like their fellow kids all over the world.Please include your contact address and telephone numbers ifyou are interested.

Best Regards,