Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spam mail on the rise i check my yahoo account and as usual there is a lot of Spam...I love the ones that I get, where they are asking if they can wire me money...this one is a little different. The Jesusness bothers me though...let me know what you think...It really bothers me that if things are so bad they are only trying to get 2 kids out...what about the other ones??


Be Loveth One,Calvary greetings to you in the name of JESUS CHRIST ourlord amen. You may not know me but through the divineintervention of our Almighty God, I got your contact fromour Chamber of Trade & Commerce/Industries.

I am MRS. ANGEL MACATHY and a believer from a BibleBelieving church here in Accra Ghana and I happen to Own &head an orphanage home called (LITTLE ANGEL ORPHANAGE HOME)We have a problem of caring/catering for these beautiful andlovely children between the Age(s) 1 to 12yrs old.

The government is not helping matters here and we havedecided to let the public to know if they are interested inadopting some of these kids so that you can cater for themlike your own kids/Children and help them to become usefulpeople in the society and we together shall make he world afree world of orphans who are suffering in our streets. Mostof these kids happened to be one of the casualties of theLiberian and Sierra Leone civil war and in that war they lost their parents andthrough the help of the United Nation secretary general Mr.Kofi Annan, they where brought to our orphanage home wherethey have been staying as refugees in our orphanage homes.

All we are asking from you is to accept to help these twokids as your own kids and give them love, peace and a homefor them to be like their fellow kids all over the world.Please include your contact address and telephone numbers ifyou are interested.

Best Regards,


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What no tax deduction? Fuck that. :)

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