Thursday, August 30, 2007

For Soldiers & Soldierettes (of Jesus of course)

How on earth do i find these sites? This one is extra special....trendy Jesus Freak clothing. The style isn't so bad, but the I swear if someone approached me wearing some of these shirts i would die laughing and walk away.

Be sure to check out their mission...I wonder if they have many convert success stories. It makes me think of the movie "Saved" when Hillary Faye says "Where were the worst heathens?"

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jesus on a concrete garage floor?

Click here for the auction. A friend of mine at work actually told me about this one. it's been all over the news lately or something. I don't keep up or i guess i would know.

On another note one of my cousins is trying to get me to go to church with her. I'm scared...i'm afraid i might just go up in smoke when i walk through the door.

Monday, August 06, 2007

It's about time for Ebay again

As I do quite often, I did a search for Jesus on eBay today. This time it's not the most expensive item that has caught my interest. Really this time I'm intrigued. I would be very interested in reading this "Handwritten Journal". Purely for the entertainment value I assure you. It would probably sell as a great religious fiction novel, however the seller seems convinced. Must have been some acid trip that's all I have to say.

Here is the link: Handwritten Jesus Journal

Just a little bit about the journal if you don't have time to click on the link above:

"Jesus revealed four specific things to me:

#1: The precise location of Heaven

#2. The cure for cancer

#3. The solution for the achievement of world peace.

#4. He revealed the future to me.

I will briefly discuss each of the four revelations now.

#1. THE PRECISE LOCATION OF HEAVEN: When we die we will become stars... Literally stars! Jesus Christ is our Earth's sun. That is why we are His... Because we come on one of His planets. When we die and become stars we, too, will be blessed by wonderful special planets which orbit us and bring us great happiness. God the Creator is also a star... The first and the greatest. Two thousand years ago Jesus said "I am the Light of the World." Jesus now wants us to understand that this means He is the Sun and that when we die, we will become stars too.
#2. THE CURE FOR CANCER: The cure for cancer is actually the knowledge of the precise CAUSE OF CANCER. We already know the cures for cancer, mainly prevention and early detection. Also chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and alternative medicine. We also are acutely aware of the roles of carcinogens, environment, heredity and diet. But what is the PRECISE AND SOLE CAUSE OF CANCER? CANCER OCCURS WHEN WE EAT OUR OWN FLESH. (Two very simple examples of eating our own flesh are biting our cuticles or biting our lips.) When a piece of our own flesh is digested, microscopic fragments of our own DNA enter the bloodstream. If a piece of this DNA enters a vulnerable cell, the nucleus of the cell identifies the 'food' as 'self' and this causes a 'circuit' to be blown in the nucleus. When (and if) that cell goes to divide, it does so in a haphazard fashion, dividing into four instead of into two and the mutation continues. There is an interesting correlation to Christianity here. Jesus told us to "take His flesh and eat it." Now he wants us to know not to eat our own flesh in any way because it is deadly.

#3. THE SOLUTION FOR THE ACHIEVEMENT OF WORLD PEACE: This is so simple! According to Jesus, the way to achieve world peace is this: An AMERICAN president has to set a goal for WORLD PEACE BEFORE 2021. (President Kennedy did something similar when he set a goal for the USA to land a man on the moon in the 60's.)

#4. JESUS REVEALED TO FUTURE TO ME: The future will go one of two ways: If world peace is not achieved before 2021 the world will destroy itself. If world peace is achieved before 2021, there will be no more natural disasters. Notice that Jesus did not say that HE would destroy the world. Rather, we will destroy it ourselves with our greed and hatred.

**All of these are interesting theories and would make a great What-if book...I think the 1st and 2nd are particularly intriguing, however not for $1,500.00...Let me know your thoughts...I could write a book about theories like these...I think it would sell...This just might be my ticket to riches ;)