Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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And I quote "Satan smiles, satan dances, satan sings when he watches the "Bible Thumpers" blindly proclaim yet misinterpret God's word as revealed in the Bible.
The "Bible Thumpers" spout the ravings of the last televangelist they have watched on tv. They listen to the latest babbling about who will be "Left Behind". They loudly announce the "End of Times" or the "Rapture" which is coming the day after tomorrow and how it is therefore unncessary to think about or care about the future.
Yes, indeed, Satan loves the foolish "Bible Thumpers" for they thump on the cover of the Bible without ever having understood the words of wisdom which lie therein."


Even more astonishing was this...
"Yes, religion and politics do mix. America is a nation based on biblical principles. Christian values dominate our government. The test of those values is the Bible. Politicians who do not use the bible to guide their public and private lives do not belong in office."
--Beverly LaHaye (Concerned Women for America)

That last quote was taken from this site http://www.reandev.com/taliban/
Extremely disturbing if you read through. i recognized several names and was astonished. I used to read teen novels endorsed by Focus on the Family...The books were good I still remember them, however after reading James Dobson's quotes on this page, I wish I never endorsed him in the first place.

There went my soul...Eternal Damnation forever...Whatever happened to the merit of being a good person and believing in the Earth and all that she can provide for us??? I'd really like to know the answer to that one.

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Stacie said...

Hey, there.
Eternal damnation, indeed.

In order to be fair, a lot of those quotes were taken out of context. Unfortunately, they probably would sound even worse had they been IN context.

Oi, where's my rollyeyed guy when I need him?