Sunday, September 18, 2005

To further illustrate my point...

If you DIED today where would you go?
I know this is a hard and direct question. But it is critical that you feel the urgency of your predicament, and the consequences if you reject Christ's offer of Salvation!

OMG...seriously...things like this are so disturbing!

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Stacie said...

The Truth is:
Today could be the day that you die. Are you ready to meet God?


We are hopeful that TODAY will be your day to START a relationship with Jesus Christ and accept him in your heart and know that he DIED for your SINS!!

Umm...don't you wonder why they want to save us? I mean, do you get bonus points at the gates if you have a list of 'Those I Saved'? And frankly, don't you think its a little arrogant to think that 'you' can save someone? I mean, isn't JESUS the one that saves? So are 'you' saying that 'you' are so much like Jesus that 'you' can save, too?? I don't know-that's pretty big to live up to...

And one more thing...why do you suppose they want to save us? Is it more fun in Heaven with more people? Aren't they afraid of running out of room with all these people they save?? ;)